The main board of New Cliff Hanger. It is where a vast majority of conversations take place and topics are made, and it has been the site of numerous important events in CH history.

Stickies Edit

You post porn, you die.

  • Author: Minjo Master
  • Purpose: One of Cliff Hangers only real rules. Upon arrival at New Cliff Hanger, everyone got so excited at being free from moderation that porn, among other things, was being posted, albiet not extensively. The counteract that, Minjo created this sticky, warning the users of a rule which, aside from a few exceptions, has remained unbroken.

How to Highlight Clips from Broadcasts

  • Author: Yoshindo
  • Purpose: One question that was asked a number of times when the casting craze began was how to highlight individual clips and save them as videos. The stop these questions from being asked, Yosh made this simple tutorial.

The Cliff Hanger Photo Archive

  • Author: Jayme
  • Purpose: To provide a face to (almost) every name that posts on Cliff Hanger. Users have posted various pictures of themselves in this topic and they have been compiled by Jayme into the Original Post.