Ostia Base will crush you. There can be no resistance. With each passing day, it gains more members, more power, while other bases wither and die from inactivity and an overall uselessness. With Ostia Base, there is no such feeling of uselessness, there is always something to be done within it's halls. Whether it be a floor being cleaned, a ceiling being cleaned, a rival base being crushed, there is always some way that you can feel like a productive member of society. Other bases contribute nothing to the greater good, and that's terrible. In the future, there will be more educational material pertaining to the awesomeness of Ostia Base, but as of now, what needs to have been said has been. Ostia Base is always the correct base to choose.

Fear not members who have been slandered by the obvious Red Basers, we know the truth, and that is what is important. Red Base's reaching an erroneous number before Ostia Base is irrelevant, as Ostia Base has taken the lead since then, and was not taking part in the competition until well after it started.

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Ostia Base